Unique Timepieces


Beguiling, secretive and transformative, every unique timepiece incorporates meticulous attention to detail and remarkable craftsmanship. A masterpiece for the wrist, each one perfectly expresses Graff’s artisanal expertise.

Vibrantly Rare

The Power of Colour

Inspired by an exquisite collection of 14 cushion cut yellow diamonds, our design team created a gouache painting of a magnificent time-telling jewel that placed the vivacious stones centre stage. Capturing the timepiece’s elegant silhouette and mesmerising hue, behind its striking beauty lay a highly complexdesign, with a square pavé diamond dial ingeniously incorporated among the yellow diamonds.

Absolute Precision

Diamond Artistry

Yellow diamonds are often cut deeper than white diamonds to accentuate their colour, which would normally necessitate a larger and heavier timepiece. However, by 3D scanning the stones, the technicians were able to map their individual facets and create a precisely sized collet for each, allowing for the perfect mounting of the yellow diamonds to form a hypnotic cluster of colour.

Golden Glow

Show-Stopping Brilliance

CAD was the ideal tool with which to perfect the mechanisms, individual components and architecture of the high jewellery watch, while hand craftsmanship was integral to its creation, from the cutting and polishing of the diamonds to the design, mounting, setting and polishing. A spectacular fusion of time-honoured artisanship and cutting-edge technology, this new masterpiece continues Graff’s legacy of creating the most precious ladies’ timepieces.

Yellow and white diamond watch (54.36 cts)

“We are inspired by the rarest and most precious diamonds in everything we do.”

- Laurence Graff

Abstract Diamond Watch

Precision Setting

Featuring an asymmetric cluster of pear shape and marquise cut diamonds totalling more than 13 carats, our Abstract jewellery watch is the epitome of restrained elegance. Framing a pavédiamond dial, the diamonds - which are set at slightly different heights and gently overlap in places, bringing delicate volume to the design - cascade downwards, leaving behind a trail of scintillation

Pear Shape and Marquise Diamond Watch (13.58 carats)

Pink Diamond Watch

Cocktail Hour

Radiating femininity, our pink diamond watch is truly captivating.Matching and setting more than 380 pink diamonds weighing almost 16 carats into a single high jewellery watch, encompassing the dial, the bezel and the bracelet, was an extraordinary feat. The round silhouettes of the stones inspired the elegant, circular design, with the minimal rose gold settings allowing each pink diamond to dance with colour and light.

Pink diamond watch (15.98 carats)

A Shared Vision

Every creation at Graff begins life as an idea that passes through many highly skilled hands. This diamond secret watch started out as a vision so audacious in scope that the designers at Graff were not even sure it was possible. A discussion between the designer and the head of technology – whose chief role is to challenge Graff’s creative capabilities – marked the beginning of the uniquely collaborative process required to craft this secret watch.

A Diamond Secret

Making of Masterpiece

Creating a secret watch that conceals the time behind a hidden dial is the height of horological sophistication. Crafting a high jewellery secret watch that rests on the wrist with the sublime comfort of a bracelet, scintillates with the inner fire of the finest diamonds and moves with effortless fluidity is a virtuoso feat of artistry, gemstone mastery and technical ingenuity. We follow the journey of a Graff secret watch, revealing the hidden complexities required to produce such a spectacular work of art for the wrist.

Oval Diamond Secret Watch

Timeless Elegance

Featuring a fan silhouette set with artfully arranged oval diamonds, this magnificent diamond secret watch comprises more than 65 carats of the finest white diamonds. Born from an intricate collaboration between Graff’s head of technology and GLW, to ensure that the mechanisms that reveal the hidden dial are effortless and imperceptible, the diamonds move fluidly and elegantly to reveal a baguette cut diamond dial. Set with minimal visible metal, each diamond has been meticulously selected and considered to ensure the deft movement of the piece and maximum scintillation.

Diamond secret watch (65.76 carats)