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Graff Venus


Creating diamond history requires good fortune, great skill and tremendous courage. A rare large rough stone holds infinite possibilities beneath its surface and once or twice in a lifetime, a genuine wonder emerges. The Graff Venus is one example – a stone of such beauty, it could only be named after the goddess of love.

The Kingdom of Lesotho’s Letšeng mine

A Wonder Unearthed

The Kingdom of Lesotho’s Letšeng mine has yielded some of the most important stones in our history, but none have held such fascinating promise as the 357 carat rough of exceptional clarity and quality that became the Graff Venus.

A Secret Revealed

Through his loupe, Laurence Graff felt, rather than saw, the potential within. The Graff team spent months analysing the stone, searching for the most beautiful shapes it could yield. One day, the revelation came: there in the crystal, the promise of a perfect heart.

A Graff member looking into the Venus diamond through a loupe

A Gamble Undertake

Everything was at stake. A heart shape of this magnitude had never been attempted by our master cutters, and specialised tools had to be created for the task. The cleft posed a particular risk; one misjudgement and the heart would be broken.

Perfection Achieved

Our polishers handed Laurence Graff an Internally Flawless 118.88 carat heart shape diamond, but he knew that greater heights of beauty could be reached. By reducing the stone by just one tenth of a carat, the diamond could become entirely Flawless. And so it was. History was made, and the Graff Venus emerged.

“The Graff Venus is the most beautiful heart shape diamond I have ever seen.”



Lesedi La Rona

302.37 CTS


The Eternal Twins

100.46 CTS


The Golden Empress

132.55 CTS


The Graff Vendôme

105.07 CTS

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