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White Diamond High Jewellery


Graff’s legacy for creating the world’s most beautiful jewels is built upon an appreciation for the impeccable, natural beauty of diamonds. Cut and polished by our master craftsmen to reveal a hypnotic kaleidoscope of fire and brilliance, our white diamonds are eternally classic.


A Graff high jewellery diamond necklace featuring an emerald cut diamond

Perfect Creations

Exquisite diamonds are extremely rare, and it requires a truly expert eye to select the world’s finest. The Graff family hand-picks each of our diamonds to ensure only the most magnificent and charismatic stones feature in our creations. Cutting and polishing our own diamonds allows us to create immaculate jewels, achieving the perfect cut, polish and symmetry every time.

Sara Sampaio wearing the Graff diamond earrings and a heart shape diamond ring

“When you have the very best stones, you can produce a marvellous piece of jewellery.”

Laurence Graff

A pair of Graff emerald cut diamond earrings

Sensual Movement

Graff jewellery is designed to allow the beauty and brilliance of each jewel to radiate. Our extraordinary settings are celebrated for their intuitive, fluid movement, allowing them to harmonise with the body.

Painted Beauty

Our design team draw inspiration from each individual stone, guided by their innate personality and qualities. A gouache painting is sketched in actual size, using vibrant watercolour paints to estimate the overall feel of the final jewel.

craftsman setting a multi-shape white diamond necklace

Expert Craftsmanship

Setting exceptional diamonds requires the utmost care, expertise and precision. Our highly skilled artisans craft intricate, almost invisible links and collets to create jewels that seem almost sewn together, so that they appear to effortlessly float upon the skin.

a diamond ring in the hands of a master craftsman

Timeless Treasures

Each Graff jewel is inspired by classic and timeless elegance. We are conscious that we are responsible for crafting future heirlooms that will be passed down for generations. The rich and diverse world of flora and fauna is a constant muse, sparking imaginative and romantic high jewellery designs that showcase the natural, remarkable beauty of white diamonds.

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